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Tender Notice Indonesia Healthcare

Consulting Services/Project Implementation, Expansion and Upgrading of the Universitas Brawijaya Hospital in Malang

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Indonesia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ301000959/KfW507081
  • Subject Development of the University Teaching Hospital of the University of Brawijaya (UB), Malang

CANCELLATION OF TENDER: due to lack of competition

Project Measures: 

Aligned to the national development plan to ensure availability and equal distribution of human resources in health care, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) in Malang, East Java, has the central role to produce and assure the competency and quality of health care provider through the education programs in medical and allied health professionals at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. One of the important facilities to ensure the competency and quality of the health professionals’ education is the university-based teaching hospital as a place and environment to observe, learn, and practice clinical skills with respect to human right and ethical conduct. 
The fast-growing number of students and need of healthcare professionals in Indonesia urge the need to scale up UB teaching hospital development plan to reach its role as the centre of the Academic Health System within Greater Malang and East Java. In addition, the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic put additional burden on the health system, including its long-term impact. There is a clear need to increase the UB teaching hospital’s capability to act as referral as well as research and education centre for health.
Against this backdrop, the government of Indonesia has requested KfW to provide a promotional loan amounting up to 37.0 million EUR for the expansion and upgrading of the Universitas Brawijaya Hospital (“RSUB”) with its Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry in Malang, to become an enhanced teaching facility for the education and practical training of medical students and other health professions. 

Key Objectives:
•    the strengthening of the quality of health care services, and education for the healthcare professional education, especially medical doctors and dentist of the Universitas Brawijaya by establishing a modern 150 beds university teaching hospital that is Rumah Sakit Universitas Brawijaya with the medium-term perspective to become a class B hospital; and 
•    supporting the provision of medical equipment for the development of Universitas Brawijaya Dental Hospital (RSGM-UB). 

Requested Consultant Services:

Under the assignment, the following key tasks are to be carried out by the Implementation Consultant (IC), but are not limited to: 
•    Verification of the detailed design, technical specifications and BoQ for the civil works for the completion of hospital buildings, which have been carried out by a national consultant engaged by RSUB, in compliance with Indonesian procurement laws and regulations as well as KfW’s procurement guidelines;
•    Assistance to the detailed elaboration of the implementation plans of the Project, including fulfilment of Project-related measures required for the approval of the Project;
•    Assistance to the PIU in the coordination of the Project implementation, in particular in conducting the tender processes for all construction-, medical and non-medical equipment (e.g. furniture) procurement- and training-related services. This includes developing draft versions and preparation of tender documents but also the evaluation of the respective tenders and the preparation of contracts for UBTH and dental hospital; 
•    Assisting the PIU in harmonising the delivery and installation of the medical equipment and its readiness for operation, with the progress of related construction works;
•    Assisting the PIU in the preparation, implementation and operation of the Project in compliance with World Bank environmental and social standards and the World Bank Group General and sector-specific EHS Guidelines;
•    Assistance to the PIU in the overall coordination, monitoring, reporting and supervision of all Project activities;
•    Assistance to the PIU in early identification of risks, delays or other bottlenecks and the development of mitigation measures; 
•    Assistance to the PIU in the financial management of the Project including the approval of contractors'/suppliers' invoices and the processing of the disbursement requests to KfW;
•    Assistance to the PIU to confirm the readiness of the dental hospital before supply contracts for dental equipment are signed.
•    Assistance to the PIU in the development and implementation of a hospital business plan.
•    Assistance to the PIU in the development and implementation of a facility management and maintenance concept.
•    Assistance in assuring construction quality; and
•    Assistance in contract management.

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