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Tender Notice Jordan Water Supply, Irrigation

Consulting, Transaction Advisory Services


  • Country Jordan
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ202068195/KfW510736
  • Subject Water Loss Reduction Programme


The Project shall provide financing for water loss reduction and other related measures for an approximate total investment volume of EUR 50-70 million in the Mafraq Regional Operating Unit (ROU) located in the northern part of Jordan. The following measures shall be implemented under the Project:

  • Network restructuring and establishment of district metered areas (DMAs)
  • Rehabilitation/replacement of primary, secondary and tertiary pipes
  • Installation/replacement of water meters (house and bulk water meters)
  • Replacement of house connections
  • Digitalisation of network management (e.g., SCADA, predictive pipe replacement database, etc.),
  • Leak detection equipment
  • Operation and maintenance, including commercial/customer management.


Requested Consulting Services: 

The Transaction Advisor (TA) shall assist WAJ and Yarmouk Water Company (YWC) in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the transaction for the NRW reduction contractor (likely Performance-Based Contracting) as well as with other tasks foreseen in the Project´s scope including:

  1. Identify data gaps and risks in the feasibility study and previous network assessments, and propose ways these gaps and risks can be addressed

  2. Review masterplan for Almafraq region

  3. Conduct additional surveys and investigations as necessary

  4. Develop Indicative Strategy for NRW Reduction

  5. Review potential transaction types and contracting modalities for NRW and recommend the optimal transaction model

  6. Consult with the Yarmouk Water Company, the Employer and key public sector decision-makers, and other stakeholders on Strategy for NRW Reduction and proposed transaction and contracting approach

  7. Define target, scope and risks to assign the private contractor and develop Performance Based NRW Reduction transaction and documentation in line with current international best practice

  8. Develop an approach to involve and to incentivise the existing staff of YWC to cooperate with the private contractor and to improve staff performance in key service areas

  9. Prepare and manage International Competitive Bidding (ICB) process for Contractor

  10. For the contract period (including initial years of operation), supervise activities of contractor for compliance with NRW Reduction Strategy and verify contractor´s reporting, compliance with ESHS requirements, claimed investments, results as well as achievement of performance targets (KPI)

  11. Prepare training plan for utility training and deliver training to utility especially in O&M of improved system and other topics previously identified

  12. Check and sign withdrawal applications/ disbursement requests submitted by contractor to KfW; Support Employer in project management, reporting and closure of Project.

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