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Tender Notice Lao People's Democratic Republic Urban Development, Rural Development

Consulting Services, Land Management/Rural Development

Tender Award

  • Country Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201867647/KfW507390
  • Subject Land Development Project Laos

Brief description of the Contract:

The Government of Laos PDR (GoL), represented by the PEA, pursues continuous efforts for land titling and land registration on a national scale. Past projects have resulted in 1,2 million titles issued to date. Since 2015, the Government of Germany through the Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) has been providing support to GoL in this sector including through the Enhanced Land Tenure Security (ELTeS) project implemented by GIZ, which supports the development of Systematic Land Registration (SLR) in four provinces and the registration of more than 20,000 parcels so far. The overarching objective of the Land Management Project (the “Project”) is further contributing to an effective and efficient land utilization to the benefit of all citizens and the environment. LMPL will support GoL to accelerate systematic land registration of eligible residential areas and agriculture lands in the project provinces. The budget for the LMPL provided by the BMZ in form of a grant is seven (7) million EUR for a first phase.

Requested Services:

The Consultant’s task is to support the Employer during Project preparation and implementation of the Project. This shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Conducting Socio-Economic Impact Studies;
  2. Finalizing criteria and assessment method for determining villagers willingness for participation in the land titling program;
  3. Contracting and coordinating local teams for land titling and ensuring that these comply with agreed methods and standards;
  4. Designing and implementing the tender process for small works and goods in compliance with KfW Procurement Guidelines;
  5. Monitoring social and environmental safeguard procedures in accordance with the World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (WB ESS);
  6. Supervising works and delivery of goods and related contract administration support;
  7. Supporting the PEA financial management including administration of the disposition fund;
  8. Selecting and implementing capacity building activities; and
  9. Supporting the MoNRE in coordinating LMPL and other Systematic Land Registration support in a nationwide approach.

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