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Tender Notice Morocco Energy

Consulting, "Power to Hydrogen"-Study

Tender Award

  • Country Morocco
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ209811357/KFW46685/KFW505728
  • Subject Power to Hydrogen in Morocco: Energy storage and other potential applications

Brief description of the Contract

Technical advisory services for the study “Power to Hydrogen in Morocco: Energy storage and other potential applications”

The Study covers following three missions:

  •  Mission A: Hydrogen usages analysis: energy storage and other applications
  •  Mission B: Hydrogen technology analysis
  •  Mission C: Technical assistance to perform specific assignments as needed and as defined by Masen relating to the Study or the Project

The Technical Advisor (TA) will be required under Mission A to conduct for Masen various commercial analyses related to the green hydrogen and main applications notably energy storage as well as others hydrogen types. In addition to the international market assessment, the Study shall cover the Moroccan context providing more detail and analysis.
The TA shall also provide, under Mission B, a comprehensive analysis of Hydrogen production technologies in general (for grey, green, blue and other Hydrogen) as well as storage and transport technologies. The TA shall also, under this mission, provide a focus on Electrolyser technologies as well as hydrogen economic analysis and elaborate finally recommendations.
Finally, the TA shall provide technical assistance to Masen on technical aspects which are outside scope of work of Mission A and B. The Technical Advisor will dedicate a team of experienced and highly qualified individuals to work on specific assignments to be defined with Masen.

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