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Tender Notice Mozambique Smart Grids

Consulting Services, OPGW Retrofit on High Voltage Transmission Lines Project

Tender Award

  • Country Mozambique
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201569151/KfW506648
  • Subject OPGW Retrofit on High Voltage Transmission Lines Project


The main objective is to build-on EDM’s integrated telecommunications and SCADA network with sufficient coverage, capacity or resilience to meet some of the most fundamental requirements of its core electricity supply operations and its enterprise management applications.

Existing Overhead transmission lines shall gradually be fitted with an OPGW. The Retrofit of the transmission lines mentioned below are part of the telecommunication backbone but for which no further investment has been foreseen in the near future

  • Replacement under live condition of the existing steel earthwire of the Matambo - Chibata 220 kV transmission line (320 km) with OPGW of an adequate size similar to the existing earthwire and fitted with an appropriate number of optical fibres.
  • Replacement under de-energized conditions of the existing steel earthwire of the Matambo - Chimuara 220 kV transmission line (294 km). with OPGW of an adequate size similar to the existing earthwire and fitted with an appropriate number of optical fibres.

Associated works (repeater stations, splicing, fibre connection (FOC) to respective substations, etc.) necessary to be completed in this scope for the two transmission lines.

Brief description of the Contract:

  • The requested services of the Consultant shall comprise all relevant professional activities for the preparation and day-to-day supervision of the implementation of the project. The Consulting services shall mostly be performed in Mozambique over an estimated total project period of 36 months including punctual missions during the Defects Liability Period (DLP) of 12 months.

    The tentative scope of services envisaged comprises basically all conventional engineering activities related to the implementation progress, in particular (i) Review the already available and approved Technical Assessment; (ii) Review the already available Technical Specifications upon consistency to international best practice; (iii) physical preliminary site visit/survey for both existing Transmission Lines; (iv) preparation of Bidding Documents for two (2) lots whilst observing the new KfW Standard Bidding Documents (currently based on the FIDIC Yellow Book) and insert the ESMP prepared by other specialised E&S Consultant, (v) Support EDM in the tendering, (vi) Support and guide in the sequential tender evaluation, (vii) Support and guide in the pre-award contract clarifications and preparation of the relevant records, (viii) undertake project and contract management, supervise the project implementation including site meetings, reporting, financial vetting of construction progress, oversee the adherence to the ESMP and follow-up on the regular updating if the Construction ESMP by the Contractor(s) in accordance with the requirements of KfW’s Sustainability Guideline and therewith International Environmental and Social Safeguards, such as), WB ESSs, World Bank Group’s Environmental and Health (EHS) and Safety Guidelines including : General EHS Guidelines, EHS Guidelines on Electric Power Transmission and Distribution , ILO Core Labour Standards and any other of the Industry Sector EHS Guidelines as applicable, (ix) support in the testing and commissioning, handing over and (x) undertake punctual missions during the DLP as and when ordered, prepare the project completion report and ensure training for EDM staff

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