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Tender Notice Namibia Recycling & Waste Management

Implementation Consultant for Solid Waste Management in Protected Areas Namibia

Tender Award

  • Country Namibia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201567031
  • Subject Consulting Services for the Implementation Consultant Solid Waste Management in Protected Areas Namibia

Brief description of the Contract:

The Project concerns the development of waste management implementation and operation plans for targeted national parks, the building of relevant infrastructure, along with an implementation of adequate waste management structures within the relevant ministries and a piloting of waste avoidance concepts. The Project shall finance predominantly the investments required for the establishment of waste management systems in the National Parks. The following major activities shall be financed out of the financial contribution:

Development of waste implementation and operational plans including procedures and job descriptions

• Construction of waste management infrastructure in the National Parks and procurement of required equipment

• Execution of pilot projects; operational cost can be exceptionally born from the financial contribution

• Removal or rehabilitation of existing dumpsites and waste heaps / clean-up campaigns during project implementation

• Establishment and qualification of an adequate organisational structure capable to cope with waste management requirements in the National Parks

• Development of awareness raising, information and education programmes on waste avoidance, minimisation, recycling and proper waste management

Requested Services:

An Implementation Consultancy shall support the Employer during the implementation of the Project with the following principal tasks:

(1) Facilitation of technical and financial project implementation;

(2) Support the planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of agreed activities;

(3) Provision of technical input and advice to the result areas of the project;

(4) Planning and supervision of infrastructure construction;

(5) Support the procurement of works, supply and service contracts and supervise execution including reception;

(6) Ensure financial management and project accountancy including management of disposition fund and preparation of annual financial and procedural audits;

(7) Preparation of project reports (inception, financial, progress, operational plan, etc.) including a final report; (8) Supervision of project personnel and assigned consultants;

(9) Support and train responsible MET units in establishing and implementing waste management operational and maintenance concepts;

(10) Provision of strategic thematic advice and professional expertise and support to MET and the project;

(11) Coordinate actively with relevant project partners and stakeholders;

(12) Ensure visibility of the project.

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