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Tender Notice Rwanda Urban Development, Rural Development

Consulting Services for Institutional Support to Green City Kigali Company (GCKC)

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Rwanda
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201868520/KfW510593
  • Subject Green City Kigali Project


since no bidder scored the required 70% of technical scores.




The Green City Kigali (GCK) project (the ‘Project’) is a sustainable urban development initiative aimed at providing affordable housing for targeted groups in a culturally compatible and climate-resilient urban community. The project is being led by the Rwanda National Fund for Environment (FONERWA) with support from the German Government through KfW Development Bank and the German Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). 

FONERWA and Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) have established the Green City Kigali Company (GCKC) as the Project Executing Agency (PEA) in the form of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). GCKC is a community benefit company and is currently in a start-up phase and is quickly institutionalizing to undertake its mandate. 

The Project is being implemented in a suburb of Kigali known as Kinyinya Hill. The concept urban master planning for a 600ha site on the Hill is underway, which will inform the detailed neighbourhood planning and design elaboration for a 16-ha pilot to be implemented. 


Requested Services

  • Provide institutional support in its own institutionalization, the management and implementation of the GCK project. The institutional setup has two parallel processes: the setup and institutionalization of GCKC as an effective community benefit company and the successful execution of the Green City Kigali pilot project. The requested services are divided into two main support categories:

  1. General Management & Project Management Support through international long-term experts; and

  2. Specific short-term Support through a pool of international and national short-term experts.

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