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Tender Notice Rwanda Smart Grids

Consulting Services, Remediation of a Transmission Line

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Rwanda
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ200967505/KfW508736
  • Subject Regional Transmission Line Rwanda - DRC –



Project Measures:

KfW provided financing for the Regional Transmission Line Rwanda – DRC (BMZ No. 2009 67 505). The six power transmission line sections between Shango and Kibuye are supported by a total of 501 towers which were constructed between 2015 and 2017 by a single EPC contractor. In November 2019, an expert consultant was contracted to inspect the foundations of several towers. The assessment revealed that there were major defects in the concreting of most foundations including visible rebars and honeycombs. In addition, it was assessed that the design and routing of the transmission line did not account for risk of landslides.

Requested Consultant Services:

The overall objective of the Feasibility Study and Implementation Consultant for Remediation of Transmission Line is to ensure the successful and timely investigation, study, analysis, conceptualization, design and implementation for the remediation of the foundations of the power transmission line. The Services shall include the following:

  • Review of all relevant documentation and risk analysis regarding the structural health of the tower foundations and possible consequences

  • Investigate options for remote monitoring incl. inclination sensors and propose a preferred solution

  • Develop different possible remediation concepts, carry out a Cost-Benefit-Analysis and prepare a full feasibility study for the proposed remediation measures

  • Prepare/supplement/update the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and ESMP in accordance with REG’s ESMF and the KfW Sustainability Guideline

  • Prepare detailed technical design (FIDIC Pink Book) and support the Employer in implementing the tender processes in accordance with KfW Procurement Guidelines

  • Supervise construction, handover and commissioning in accordance with FIDIC Pink Book

  • Design, procure and implement a detailed remote monitoring concept

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