Tender Notice Ukraine Building Construction

Construction Services, Overhaul of the building of Melitopol Higher Vocational School

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Ukraine
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number ICB nr. W-1; KfW507288
  • Subject EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure in Ukraine

In accordance with paragraph 2.5.15 (5) "Cancellation of a Tender Process" of the Guidelines for Procurement (KfW, January 2021), we inform about the cancellation of the tender process due to the fact that the underlying fundamental conditions for the Tender Process have changed significantly prior to award of the Contract.

Overhaul of the building of Melitopol Higher Vocational School" at the address: Interculturna st., 390, Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region”. The total area of works to be repaired is 3504.00 m². Construction time is 16 months.

The project envisages the following works:

  • Replacement of the slope roof with lightning protection device - 2120 m²
  • Attic floor insulation - 1653 m²
  • Replacement of flat roof (roofing material) with the device of insulating layer - 215 m²
  • Work on reinforcement of external walls
  • Replacement of external window and door blocks - 427.9 m²
  • Wall insulation by ventilated facade (100 mm.) - 636 m²
  • Wall insulation by arrangement of "wet facade" (100 mm.) - 1350 m²
  • Basement insulation - 298 m²
  • Internal finishing works with the arrangement of internal engineering networks of water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, power supply, low-current networks (in all premises of SEI "Melitopol HVS") - 3504 m²
  • Arrangement of an individual heat point.
  • Installation of equipment

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