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INFRASTRUCTURE - Germany has an excellent plastics industry-related infrastructure. There are about 28 chemical sites and modern Chemical Parks with high quality chemical infrastructure that specialize in polymer production and plastics processing. In addition, proximity to plastics manufacturers "correspondence locations" for the processing industry can be developed.
Germany offers an extensive and comprehensive logistics infrastructure that integrates state-of-the-art transportation networks with the most modern telematics, IT, and telecommunications systems.

Oliver Seiler Oliver Seiler | © GTAI

"Plastics companies looking to establish a business in Germany can benefit from the excellent conditions for production and R&D as well as the advantages of the single European market: rapid access to a very high quality European consumer market." Oliver Seiler, Director Mechanical & Electronic Technologies, Germany Trade & Invest

R&D - Germany's unique plastics industry cluster concept encourages cooperation between the bigger and the medium-sized companies and between industry and research institutions. Non-university based applied research institutions, competence centers, and pilot projects provide mainly small and medium sized companies unparalleled access to cutting edge research infrastructure and expertise. This allows international investors to profit from highly scalable R&D potential.

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