Aug 17: Federal fuel cell incentive program expanded to include commercial buildings

August 2017

Germany’s generous federal funding for fuel-cell heating systems was expanded at the start of July to enable small and medium-sized enterprises, contractors, and municipalities to apply for support for applications in non-residential buildings.

Funding for the installation of fuel-cell heating systems in private residential buildings was launched in August 2016. The changes will provide a boost to the government’s technology-launch programme for fuel-cell heating systems.

State Secretary Baake said: “The new rules for the commercial sector will play an important role in making this highly efficient and forward-looking technology widely available on the market.”

At the time of writing, grants of between EUR 7,050 and EUR 28,200 were being awarded for fuel cell systems with an output of between 0.25 and 5.0 kW according to performance and the total eligible costs. The part of the grant awarded according to performance is made up of a fixed sum of EUR 5,700 with an additional EUR 450 for every additional started 100 W of electrical output. A 1.0 kW system thus receives a grant of EUR 10,200 while a 5.0 kW system receives EUR 28,200.

The total eligible costs include installation, set costs for the first 10 years of a full-service contract, and the costs for an energy efficiency expert. 40 percent of these costs are awarded as a grant up to the maximum grant level for the performance class.

This information is provided here as an indication. The full conditions can be found on the KfW website.

If you would like more information about the opportunities for your business in Germany's stationary fuel cell and HVAC market, get in touch with Germany Trade & Invest's industry experts, who would be glad to support you. Our incentives team can let you know how your investment project can benefit from public funding.

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