Aug 18: Germany’s ESCO Market Growing Thanks to New Buildings

August 2018

The German Association of Heat Suppliers VfW has published its annual survey of energy contracting companies amongst its membership. The group estimates this to cover 60% of the market players.

The results suggest the market grew in 2017, with 4 percent more contracts and revenues up 12% year-on-year. The reported growth in new contracts was down slightly on the previous year. Total turnover in 2017 amounted to EUR 3.1 bn.

  • The questionnaire asked about projects according to the type of contracting services realised: 85% energy supply contracting
  • 8% energy performance contracting
  • 2% technical management
  • 1% financing contracting

The contracting market has benefitted from the boom in new construction in Germany: 50 percent of new energy contracting projects in the housing sector were implemented in new buildings.

Nevertheless, the association called for more clarity regarding energy market regulation and for climate issues to be given higher priority in German politics, citing lower business expectations amongst its members.

The government is keen to support contracting, as discussed for example in last year’s Green Paper on Energy Efficiency (see links below).
You can read more about government support for energy contracting in German SMEs and municipalities on the “Deutschland Macht’s Effizient” website (see links below). The program was extended in December [Press release in German].

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