Aug 18: Germany’s Successful Heating Optimization Funding Program

August 2018

Heating optimization has now been funded with attractive grants by Germany’s Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) for two years. The program has become well established in the market: around 170,000 highly efficient pumps and 90,000 hydraulic balancing measures have received around EUR 50 million in funding.
BAFA reports receiving a large number of enquiries from owners of commercial properties, housing societies and heating installers and thus expects increasing demand for funding. The program has become integrated into business models with companies including the program in client acquisition processes.

Millions of old and power-hungry heating circulation pumps are still used in Germany. Switching to a highly efficient pump can bring considerable efficiency gains for little effort. Furthermore, substantial energy and fuel savings can be made by hydraulically balancing a heating system.

BAFA supports the replacement of heating and hot water circulation pumps as well as hydraulic balancing together with additional measures such as installing thermostatic valves and measurement and control technologies.
The grant currently covers 30% of the net costs, ensuring short amortization times.

Refer to the BAFA website for terms and conditions.

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BAFA – Press release (in German)

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