July 2018: Innovative Construction Companies Wanted For Serial Retrofits

July 2018

The German Energy Agency dena and the German Real Estate Association GdW are looking for innovative construction companies that could develop retrofit solutions for the German market according to the “Energiesprong” principle. The objective of the program is to retrofit prototype buildings in a climate-neutral way with prefabricated elements throughout Germany in the next two years.

Nine German housing organizations are already involved and prototype solutions are being developed for 60 apartments. Solution providers are needed for 57 further apartments. Dena estimates that the market potential in apartment buildings amounts to EUR 120 billion and 500,000 buildings.

Energiesprong Germany is currently looking for general contractors and suppliers of prefabricated facade elements, solar roofs, heating, cooling and storage technologies as well as energy monitoring systems. The Energiesprong program will start with a “Challenge Day” in Berlin on September 20th, 2018, where housing organisations will present the projects they want to implement with solution developers. An “Innovation Day” will follow at the end of October in order to clarify questions regarding the building envelope, technical modules and other aspects. Finally, the solution developers will present their concepts during a “Pitch Event” at the end of the year in Berlin.

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