March 17: Heat pump sales in Germany hot in 2016

March 2017

With sales up 17% to 66,500 units, 2016 was a record year for heat pumps in Germany, figures published by the federal heat pump industry association BWI show.

The biggest winners were ground-source systems (+21.8% to 20,700 units) while sales of air-source systems grew by 14.5% to 45,800 units. Of these systems, monobloc sales grew by 19.5% to 25,100 while split-system sales increased by 8.9% to 20,700. Hot water heat pump turnover remained static at 12,500 units.

The figures suggest that the ratio of ground-source to air-source systems has remained roughly constant in recent years. The BWI estimates that approximately 750,000 heat pumps have been installed in Germany to date with every third new residential building now employing a heat pump - despite low oil and gas and relatively high electricity prices.

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