Business Opportunities

International investors benefit from numerous competitive advantages when doing business in Germany. Germany’s favorable geographical location in the heart of Europe enables business without trade barriers, thanks to its integration in the European Union and the Eurozone. A stable single currency and close proximity to other major European markets consolidate the German automotive industry’s advantageous position.

“Germany has established itself as one of the most attractive investment destinations worldwide. It is the only western European country that plays a significant part in the so-called “global Champions League.“ Source: Ernst & Young Standort Deutschland 2013

Germany’s high concentration of auto-related R&D, design, supply, manufacturing and assembly facilities makes it possible for companies to successfully partner across the whole value chain. It also explains why recent studies see the German automotive industry outperforming other countries when it comes to innovative power, product quality and productivity.

Around 38% of all premium segment cars were produced in Germany in 2017. By becoming part of the world’s automotive innovation hub, investors have the opportunity to boost their businesses through innovating, producing, and marketing world-leading technologies and products “Made in Germany.”

Germany: World´s premium car production and innovation hub
Germany: World´s premium car production and innovation hub | © GTAI Research (2018); MarkLines database (2018)
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