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Organizational Chart

Germany Trade & Invest is made up of five departments and four staff units responsible for the promotion of the German economy.

Organization Chart
Organization Chart | © GTAI


Dr. Jürgen Friedrich Dr. Jürgen Friedrich | © GTAI/Illing & Vossbeck Fotografie

Dr. Jürgen Friedrich

T +49 30 200 099 100
CV Dr. Jürgen Friedrich


Dr. Robert Hermann Dr. Robert Hermann | © GTAI/Illing & Vossbeck Fotografie

Dr. Robert Hermann

T +49 30 200 099 300
CV Dr. Robert Hermann

To find more pictures of our managing directors, please visit our press area:

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Germany Trade & Invest has 59 locations worldwide.

World map with locations of Germany Trade & Invest
World map with locations of Germany Trade & Invest | © GTAI

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