Financial Center Germany - What you need to know

Germany has traditionally been one of the most important financial​​ markets in the world. That's become even more true after Brexit​​. Get a quick overview in our animated video.

Perseverance Mars Mission Uses German Photonics

The world is marveling at the spectacular images currently being beamed back to Earth from the Red Planet - thanks in part to photonics technology from Germany. And this is by no means the first time German hardware has made it to Mars, as our video shows.

How Germany is converting industrial heat into electricity

Germany is home to a lot of heavy industry that generates high-temperature process heat. An estimated 45 percent of it is simply lost in the atmosphere. Germany is moving towards climate neutrality and heat recovery is playing a crucial role, as wasted heat can be converted into electricity. Some solutions are already being used and the demand for waste heat recovery is constantly growing.


Germany Goes Whole Hog on Hydrogen

The German government sees hydrogen technology as the key to the country's clean energy future. It's investing billions of euros in the sector. Germany aims to become the "world number one" in clean hydrogen energy technology - with the government investing €9bn. Our new video looks at how international businesses can get involved in German environmental H2.

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing in Germany

Video: Medical Technology Industry in Germany

Germany is the world's third largest manufacturing nation with a share of 9,9 percent of worldwide medical technology production. Close collaboration between science and industry has helped establish Germany's medical technology sector as an international landmark of quality, performance and safety standards.

Coal Exit: Germany's Next Generation Energy Hubs

Germany has started its phase out of coal-generated power, but from renewables to green hydrogen, the country’s four major coal-producing regions are going to be at the center of Germany’s energy future. Our new video explores the innovations and transformations reshaping these areas: the Lusatia, Central Germany, Helmstedt and Rhine coal regions.

AmCham Pres: What US Firm Wouldn’t Want to Do Business in Germany?

Location, education and reliability - despite corona, AmCham Germany president Sportolari sees lots of reasons to invest in the heart of Europe right now.

GTAI talked with Frank Sportolari, the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, about why US companies’ appreciation for Germany as a place to do business has risen during the corona pandemic and where the trans-Atlantic partnership could be headed.

"Corona Winners" in Germany

Some six months into the corona pandemic, the value of resilience is growing ever clearer. In our new video, we look at sectors of German business that represent opportunities amid this most disruptive crisis. Whether its telemedicine, fintech or pharmaceuticals, some clever entrepreneurs are turning the social change wrought by Covid-19 to their advantage.

Germany Goes Whole Hog for Smart Agriculture

Germany is the world's leading producer of farming equipment and is now leading the way in digital agriculture. Our video s(h)ows some ideas about how foreign investors can get involved in the German agtech revolution.

Germany's Drive Toward Electric Vehicles

The trend is clear - all of Germany's big carmakers are going electric. No wonder that Germany is expected to overtake China as the world's leading EV producer. And now Tesla's coming as well.

Corona and Germany - The First Three Months

A swift targeted health response and quick, non-bureaucratic assistance for businesses large and small - those are two reasons Germany has thus far weathered the corona crisis comparatively well. But what might be coming in the future for post-lockdown German business? We take an initial look.

German UAV / Drone Sector Reaching New Heights

There’s lots of business to be done in Germany with unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones. The German market, the fourth largest in the world, is expanding exponentially.

Experts predict that the German market for UAVs will grow from its current EUR 574 million to nearly EUR 3 billion by 2030, as new uses for drones arise on a nearly daily basis. Opportunities abound in everything from vehicle construction to mission planning and infrastructure. Check out our video to see how you might be able to elevate your business.

Big German Words

New legislation has the German government injecting some €90bn into special project areas and makes it easier for companies to employ specialists in Germany. Big opportunities around.

Germany to Invest Record 86 Billion Euros in Rail Modernization

Germany's rail system will be looking very different in future. The German government and rail company Deutsche Bahn have committed to invest €86 billion in tracks, trains, switching stations, etc ... over the next ten years. Big chance for companies, as Germany is more open than many other countries to foreign involvement in its rail network.

Smart Hospitals in Germany

With aging populations and increasing demand for medical services, AI and other digital innovations are going to become a crucial part of the healthcare of the future. Check out our video on smart hospitals.

German Start-up Produces Solar-powered Car

The German start-up Sono Motors is mass-producing a surprisingly affordable EV that can run on self-generated solar power alone. Not only that, the Sion also includes its own built-in mobility system. Check it out in our new video!

30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall

The fall of the Berlin wall was nearly 30 years ago today, marking the end of the Cold War and start of reunification. What has gone right and wrong in the reconstruction of the East German economy? Answers in our new video.

30 Years After The Wall: Eastern German Success Stories

In the 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the economies of western and eastern Germany have come ever closer together. So how are the eastern economy and research institutions doing? Have the “new” federal states in the east been able to establish themselves as attractive investment locations? To mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) has produced a short film illustrating the state of play in the east with six individual success stories.

Logistics in Germany

With its outstandstanding infrastructure Germany is a world leader in logistics. The World Bank has ranked Germany the #1 in logistics three times in a row. Germany is the geographic center of the EU, has Europe's largest logistics market by far and its most advanced transportation infrastructure offering easy access to the more than 500 million consumers in Europe.

Germany's Decentralized Economy

Compared to other countries in Europe the economic strength of Germany is not based on a single region. Did you know that two thirds of German SMEs are based outside urban areas?

Air Taxis in Germany

Get ready for takeoff! What used to be fiction might soon become reality: Several companies in #Germany are currently working on functioning prototypes of air taxis.

Unicorns in Germany

Germany's business unicorn population is growing fast. Find out why the German startup scene, particularly in Berlin, is booming.

Supercomputers in Germany

Don't know your pentium from your petaflops? No problem. Our video on #QuantumComputing has the answers & will introduce you to the two fastest computers in #Germany. “Juwels” has the power of 60,000 conventional computers while “SuperMUC-NG” can calculate in one second what it would take everyone on earth 6.7 million years to do.

Cyber Security in Germany

The German security technologies market is characterized by a high growth dynamic and constant change which is helping create numerous opportunities for investors and innovative companies alike. Security "Made in Germany" is a strong brand with a high worldwide recognition that is associated with quality, neutrality, and expertise.

FDI in Germany

More than 2,000 foreign companies opened up businesses in Germany in 2018 – a new record. A survey carried out by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) found that some British companies are investing in Germany in response to the threat of Brexit. For a comprehensive breakdown of FDI in Germany, here’s our brand-new video.

Germany Works.

Where in the world is the best place to do business? The answer you often get is Germany. Because Germany works. Here you will find a highly skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, world-leading industries, a stable society and a great quality of life. Germany works, because all of its parts work smoothly together. A smoothly running engine, that powers business. Your business.

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The Future of Mobility "Made in Germany"

The future of mobility is a megatrend in our global society. The increase in traffic worldwide – especially in cities – is exponential, creating many challenges, but also many opportunities. Be these in electromobility, autonomous and networked transport, or new innovations and resource-conserving production technologies: the German automotive industry is pursuing these opportunities.

Digital Economy in Germany

Round 77 percent (63 million) of the population is regularly online, giving the country most internet users in Europe and making Germany a crucial market for global internet, games and e-commerce companies.

Mobility in Germany

Germany’s automotive industry is the largest in Europe and world renowned as the primary location for innovative car manufacturers and suppliers. Our automotive industry keeps the throttle at full! Germany is a primary location for development facilities and Europe's leading market for passenger car manufacturers and suppliers.

Energy and Environment in Germany

For decades Germany has been the global pioneer in applying renewable energies and environmental technologies. Investments into offshore wind, photovoltaic, geothermal and bioenergy projects will be necessary as well as the set-up of a new, smart energy infrastructure that can balance the fluctuating supply of renewably energies. Furthermore energy, water and resource efficiency technologies will play an even more important role.

Industry 4.0 - Germany's 4th industrial revolution

Germany Trade & Invest proudly presents its newest short film on Industry 4.0 - Germany's 4th industrial revolution. A revolution which promises to marry the worlds of production and network connectivity in an “Internet of Things” making the German strategic initiative "INDUSTRIE 4.0" a reality. The film shows which aspects of industrial production are to be disrupted by digitisation, how Germany is promoting the Industrie 4.0 concept, and the opportunities and investment potential that could arise in the coming years. Leading figures from industry, research and politics talk of their respective experiences and perspectives and paint a complete picture of the Industrie 4.0 concept's current status in Germany.

Germany has set itself the goal of being an integrated industry lead market and provider by 2020. A number of important research institutions, technology clusters and industry actors are working to help make Germany’s INDUSTRIE 4.0 vision a reality.

The world is in a state of digital transformation. Boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are collapsing to create an Internet of Things. Ordinary objects and devices in the physical world communicate independently and exchange information online thanks to increased programmability, memory storage capacity, and sensor-based capabilities.

Life Sciences in Germany

Representing Europe’s most populous country, Germany offers the largest market for Healthcare and Life Sciences products. Both market demand and location factors make it a priority for many international companies preparing expansion to build up their footprint here.

Manufacturing Location Germany

Germany's Machinery and Equipment (M&E) sector is the largest and strongest in Europe. The sector is dominated by small and medium sized companies. The development and processing of materials represents a core element of Germany’s innovative industry culture.

Both the fundamental research for “new materials” and the processing of plastic and metal semi-finished products to create industrial finished parts make a considerable contribution to industrial value added in Germany.

The New Federal States in Germany

GTAI promotes the business location advantages of the new federal states, provides information about developments and business opportunities in the region, and supports eastern German company efforts to access international markets.

Health - Made in Germany

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY is the export initiative for the German healthcare industry. It supports international companies and organizations that are interested in establishing contact with potential German partners and suppliers.

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