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  • Apr 01, 2020 Tender Notice Bangladesh Smart Grids
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    Consulting Services, Modernization of Medium Voltage Substations and Distribution Lines - DEADLINE EXTENSION/AMENDMENT 02

    Expression of Interest - Prequalification

    Deadline: Apr 22, 2020

    Financing: KfW Entwicklungsbank

    Short description
    Qualified independent consultants are invited to submit prequalification documents for consulting services for the implementation of the a.m. project. The project comprises a) the renovation of medium voltage substations and OHL distribution lines b) the implementation of a SCADA and AMR (Automated Meter Reading) systems. The Consultant shall provide expertise in concept preparation, tendering, engineering, construction and commissioning supervision and project management to the...

  • Nov 20, 2019 Tender Notice Bangladesh
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    Consulting Services, Climate Resilient Infrastructure

    Cancellation Notice KfW

    Financing: KfW Entwicklungsbank

    Climate Resilient Infrastructure Mainstreaming (CRIM) Project incorporating the Climate Change-Adapted Urban Development Programme (CCAUD) - Satkhira Component Phase I
    Ref. No.: FP 0004, 2014 67 984/2150 10 293
    Project measures/Objective:
    The purpose of the Project is to integrate climate change adaptation systematically into decision-making for infrastructure planning, supervision and maintenance of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).
    The Consultant shall provide Consulting...

  • Oct 31, 2019 Tender Notice Bangladesh
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    Consulting Services, Climate Change Adaption of Urban Infrastructure

    Tender Award

    Financing: KfW Entwicklungsbank

    Brief description of the contract:
    The Services requested are for a Feasibility Study, which, among others, (i) reviews and reality-checks existing urban development plans and data, (ii) carries out a Climate Risk Assessment analysis of the Project Area, (iii) identifies a wide range of suitable climate adaption measures / interventions, and, (iv) following a more detailed analysis and prioritisation, (v) further studies and prepares prioritized climate adaptation measures to feasibility level for...

  • Aug 19, 2019 Tender Notice Bangladesh
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    Consulting Services - Climate Change Adapted Urban Development Programme - Barisal Component

    Tender Award

    Financing: KfW Entwicklungsbank

    Ref-N°: BMZ 201467984, 215010301
    Project measures: The project measures essentially consist of:
    • Expansion and capacity increase of the primary, secondary and tertiary drains in selected critical areas of the city
    • Renewal and raising of low-lying sections of priority intra-city roads to ensure a secured access and escape route during extreme weather events
    • Preparation and implementation of two pilot actions (deepening of the Saqardi canal and climate change-adapted expansion of the basic...

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