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Sep 09, 2019

Construction, Kaps Dam

Expression of Interest - Prequalifikation

  • Deadline: Oct 25, 2019
  • Country: Armenia

Ref: BMZ201467950 - Procurement number: 501219

Project: Integrated Water Resources Management/Akhouryan River – Construction of Kaps Reservoir and Gravity Irrigation System - IWRM / Akhouryan River

The Government of the Republic of Armenia has received a loan and grant from the German Government through the KfW Development Bank toward the financing of the “IWRM, Phase 1, Armenia” and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant/ loan to payments under the contract for Reference “Construction of the Kaps Dam (Shirak, Armenia)” (one works contract). The “Water Sector Projects Implementation Unit SA of Water Committee of the Minister of Territorial Administration and Development” intends to prequalify contractors and/or firms for the works to be executed for the works contract “Construction of the Kaps Dam (Shirak, Armenia)”.

Interested companies are requested to prove their field specific experience in works execution and provide references in the following particular fields of activities:
- Embankment works, zoned rockfill dam with central clay core; total fill volume 1,090,000 m3

- Spillway hydraulic concrete structure & extended excavations for spillway channel (550,000 m3)

- Tunnel rehabilitation

- Bottom outlet tunnel (diameter in range 4 m)- 495 m rehabilitation and relining,

- Irrigation tunnel (diameter in range 4 m) - 525 m rehabilitation and relining

- Kumayri Tunnel (diameter in range 4m) - 1,000 m relining and new tunnel construction 1,117 m)

- with all related inlet and outlet structures, access shafts and access galleries (ref. to bottom outlet and irrigation tunnel) and related securing works, shotcrete, injections, tunnel grouting

- Grouting works: i. along dam axis ii. embankment foundation and abutments, iii. along right side reservoir alignment

- Mechanical and electrical works as regulatory equipment of bottom outlet and irrigation tunnel, embankment instrumentation, piezometer and gauge monitoring, and SCADA operation central station  Miscellaneous works (supply lines, road construction, minor rehabilitation works of existing Lake Arpi outlet and M&E) and temporary works as river diversion.

The envisaged period for execution of the works is 33 months and with the Kumayri Tunnel realization will extend to a total construction period of 42 months and the following liability period (DLP) of 12 months.

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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