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Nov 08, 2019

Consulting Services, Regional Sewerage Ramallah Project - EXTENSION OF DEADLINE


  • Deadline: Nov 25, 2019
  • Country: Palestine

Ref: BMZ200465930/201270206/KFW503890

Regional Sewerage Ramallah Project – Ein Jariot WWTP

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to an environmentally and hygienically adequate treatment of wastewater in the area of Ramallah, Betunia and Al Bireh. The Project will contribute to the protection of water resources, especially of the Mountain Aquifer being an important freshwater resource in the region, and to a reduction of health risks caused by inadequately treated wastewater released to the environment.

Requested Services:

The services requested under this assignment are related to the implementation of the following investment measures. The measures were identified in the Feasibility Study carried out in 2010 for the wastewater treatment plant Betunia (Ein Jariot site). The city of Betunia and parts of the city of Ramallah will be connected to a new central wastewater disposal and treatment system. These envisaged measures mainly consist of:
- A regional WWTP with a capacity of approximately 59,000 population equivalents (8,100 m3/day) -as phase I;
- Sewerage networks including main collectors, force mains, house connections and pumping stations in Beitunia and Ramallah;
- rehabilitation of existing sewerage networks including main collectors and house connections in Ramallah;
- Equipment (e.g. jet flushers), tools, lab equipment, SCADA, administrative buildings etc. required for project implementation and operation;

Technical Consulting services for:
− reviewing the feasibility study and available preliminary design studies;
− preparing final design (FIDIC yellow book WWTP / FIDIC red book sewer);
− preparation of tender documents and specifications;
− tendering of work contracts;
− construction supervision and defects notification period (DNP);
− monitor the contractor for the operational assistance in the first two years of operation of the new wastewater treatment plant;
− assist in the operational and technical capacity building for the staff on the WWTP and the newly constructed sewerage system (on job training for sewer systems)

Accompanying measure:
− Facilitate the coordination between JWU and the related department of Beitunia as well as Ministry of Local Government and Palestinian Water Authority;
− Integration of Beitunia water services;
− Establishing a wastewater department within JWU; human resources development for the creation of a wastewater department;
− Reviewing the tariff system and establishing an integrated billing system;
− Support a public awareness campaign
− Development of operation and maintenance procedures and manuals including health and safety provisions; training of technical personnel before commencement of operation; support the gradual transfer of operation and maintenance responsibilities from the Contractor to JWU;
− Coordination of the training of the JWU staff by the Contractor and supplementing this training with own capacity building measures
− Monitoring the performance of the Contractor for the operation of the WWTP and the sewer system for two years
− Procurement: software and hardware equipment for the management of wastewater services such as GIS tools, SewerCAD, hydraulic modelling, operational data management etc. and related training courses

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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