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Coalfields: The Energy-Producing Regions of the Future

For decades, coal mining was an important industry that contributed a great deal to the production of energy in many countries including Germany. The country has now taken legal steps to ensure that coal is phased out by 2038 at the latest, in order to allow Germany to achieve its goal of fully carbon-neutral energy production.

Phasing out coal will give companies in Germany and around the world the historic opportunity to use environmentally friendly innovation to help shape structural change in these regions. The German Federal Government is investing up to EUR 40 billion to facilitate this unparalleled structural change by 2038.

Sep 24, 2021 Structural Change
Invest in Germany’s Energy-Producing Regions of the Future

The German National Hydrogen Strategy and the Reallabore der Energiewende (“Living Labs for the Energy Transition”) from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) support the successful phase-out of coal and drive the development and implementation of new technologies.

Alongside extensive public funding programs, legislation such as the Strukturstärkungsgesetz (Structural Improvement Act) paves the way for ideas and innovation and offers companies major opportunities to move forward with the transition to renewable energies, to invest in sustainability, and to positively shape change. The four coalfield regions in Germany boast above-average potential and provide companies with a multitude of prospects:

•    Access to centers of excellence, universities, research and demonstration facilities
•    Attractive financing and funding packages
•    Stable environment with secure political, legal, and financial conditions
•    Extensive availability of land and space for innovation and growth
•    Central location at the heart of Europe

Join us and help shape the transition from coal-based power generation to a sustainable, innovative economic sector within the context of our obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Four coalfield regions – numerous investment opportunities for companies. You can find the most important information about the four coalfield regions here. Please click the plus sign.

Our short Energieregionen der Zukunft (“Energy-Producing Regions of the Future”) video provides you with exciting insights into how the energy sectors in each region are laying the groundwork for the future of energy.

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