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Cloud Computing

Microsoft to Double German Cloud Capacity

The US tech colossus has announced a dramatic expansion of its Azure Clouds services by the start of 2024.

In publicizing the increase, Microsoft said it was responding in reaction to anticipated rises in demand, particularly because of artificial intelligence (AI).

“More and more products ‘made in Germany’ will use clouds and AI,” Microsoft Germany Executive Chairwoman Marianne Janik said in a statement. “Access to vigorous cloud and AI solutions is a basic precondition for a vigorous economy.”

Microsoft’s customers in Europe’s largest economy include such heavyweights as Bayer, Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, SAP and Siemens as well as the German stock exchange.

The capacity increase will involve an expansion of computing capabilities in the “Germany, Westen-Mitte” region near Frankfurt, which is the country’s largest data center hub.

Germany’s digital industry association Bitkom predicts massive increases in demands for cloud services as more and more companies shift their IT primarily or even completely into clouds.

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