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Germany Photovoltaics

Germany Further Encourages Home and Open Space Solar

The German government has put forward a legislative package aimed at accelerating the expansion of photovoltaics (PV) in Europe’s largest economy.

The Solar Package I, as the proposed laws are known, provides support for private citizens to install solar electricity units at home and for companies to expand PV capacity on rooftops and other empty spaces.

Homeowners will no longer have to register solar units with grid operators. Regulations concerning electricity meters will be eased. And home PV units will required to use conventional household electrical plugs, meeting them easier to install.

In multifamily homes, it will be possible to provide tenants directly with electricity generated by rooftop solar units. Bureaucracy surrounding larger-scale systems with a capacity of more than 100 kilowatts will be reduced.

Special support will be offered to the joint use of land for agriculture and solar parks. Incentives will also be offered for using parking lots to produce PV-generated electricity.

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