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Energy Efficiency

Germany's largest industrial heat supply system expanded

Aurubis AG and Wärne Hamburg GmbH have signed an agreement to expand the country's largest industrial heat supply system.

Aurubis AG and Wärme Hamburg GmbH have signed a long-term heat supply contract to expand the country’s largest industrial heat supply system. The deal will see around 20,000 Hamburg households supplied with carbon-neutral industrial heat from Aurubis’ copper production from 2024-25 onward. The deal will see up to 100,000 metric tons of CO2 emission reductions annually in the northern city from 2025 as fossil fuels are replaced. The technology has already been successfully deployed at the Aurubis plant to supply heat in other projects since 2018.  Aurubis AG and Wärme Hamburg GmbH have joined forces with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection to develop an optimal model for implementation which will see subsidies paid to both partners.

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