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Energy Storage & Fuel Cell Industry

Germany to Get Europe’s Largest Electricity Storage Battery

Bavaria’s Eco Stor, a German subsidiary of Norwegian utility company A Energie, has announced plans to construct a record-sized electricity storage battery facility.

The battery will be located in the town of Förderstedt in eastern Germany and will be completed in 2025. The company plans to invest around EUR 250 million. 

The battery will have a capacity of 600 megawatt hours, enough to provide 31,250 households with electricity for 24 hours. By comparison, the current largest battery in Germany has a capacity of 72 MWh, and the largest in Europe a capacity of 196 MWh.

Förderstedt was chosen as a location because it already has an electric power transformation substation. That allows for the storage of the maximum amount of renewably produced electricity. Storage batteries are considered key to compensating for variations in the generation of solar and wind energy and are thus crucial to Germany’s drive for climate neutrality.

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