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Energy Efficiency

Heat Pump Sales Continue at Record Levels

Heat pump sales continue at record levels according to findings published by the Federation of German Heating Industry and the German Heat Pump Association.

Heat pump sales up 28 percent

Heat pump sales grew by 28 percent in 2021 according to heating market sales figures released by the Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH) and the German Heat Pump Association (BWP). In the region of 154,000 heat pumps were sold in Germany in 2021, continuing the trend set by the record growth enjoyed in 2020. Air-to-water heat pumps recorded the greatest growth in 2021, with 127,000 unit sales equivalent to a 33 percent increase. Monobloc unit sales were up 48 percent (83,500 units) followed by split units up 12 percent (43,500 units).

High market acceptance levels

The continuing positive market trend is indicative of the high level of consumer acceptance that heat pumps now enjoy, with heat pumps on the way to becoming the standard heating system in the country according to the BWP. Changes to efficient building public funding is helping maintain stability in the market, despite the worst global supply chain effects of the global coronavirus crisis. Demand for the new federal subsidy program is high, with almost 67,000 applications for heating system replacement funding alone.

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