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Germany features one of the best environments for biotechnology companies worldwide. Along the entire value chain - from research and development through scale-up and production to sales and marketing - Germany is known for its outstanding capabilities, resources, and infrastructure.

Over the past three decades Germany’s biotechnology clusters, known as BioRegions, have developed into Europe’s leading research and development hubs. Each region specializes in particular areas and facilitates the collaboration between universities, R&D institutes, and private sector companies. Investors benefit from obtaining easy access to networks and funding for research projects.

The BioRegions further include technology parks tailored to the specific needs of biotechnology companies. Commonly known as BioParks, these centers offer an ideal infrastructure, including lab space, clean rooms, as well as a range of services for both start-up and well established companies.

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Fact Sheet: Biotechnology Clusters in Germany Fact Sheet: Biotechnology Clusters in Germany | © GTAI

BioRegions in Germany

Germany’s “bioregions” provide a platform for industrial development, facilitating the organic interaction of corporate and institutional resources.

Germany's BioRegions

Germany's BioRegions Germany's BioRegions | © GTAI

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