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Takeda Invests Over EUR 300 Million in Vaccine Made in Germany

Japanese pharmaceuticals giant Takeda has put hundreds of millions of euros in recent years into its location in the southwestern German town of Singen to produce its anti-dengue-fever vaccine “Qdenga.”

In July, Takeda opened a new 2,000-square-meter production facility where vaccines can be made, bottled, packed and shipped throughout the world.

It’s the first time Takeda has produced a vaccine for global use outside Japan. The company estimates the annual market for the medication at between EUR 1.6 to EUR 2 billion.

A number of factors encouraged production in Germany, Takeda CEO Christophe Weber was cited by various German newspapers as saying. They included Germany’s location in the middle between Latin America and Asia, the availabiliy of qualified labor and the rewards offered for innovation by the German health system.

Takeda is also currently at work on a vaccine against another mosquito-born tropical illness, the Zika virus.

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