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Chemical Parks & Pipelines in Germany

Chemical Parks & Pipelines in Germany

Germany’s chemical production environment benefits from best-in-class logistics infrastructure. Crude oil, the major chemical carbon source, is distributed by an advanced network of pipelines. Thirteen refineries – with a total capacity of 115 million tons per year and equivalent to three percent of global capacity – and eight steam crackers supply the country’s chemical industry with all of the necessary building blocks.

Of the 145 million tons of chemicals transported annually in Germany, 36 percent are transported by pipeline. Major chemical parks are interconnected through pipelines that transport raw materials such as ethylene within the country and via Belgium and the Netherlands to neighboring chemical production centers and Europe’s northwestern seaports. There are also hydrogen, carbon monoxide, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and oxygen pipelines between chemical parks with a specialized production focus.

Our Chemical Parks map provides a quick and simple overview of the raw material resources available at the respective production sites as well as easy access to more details about the individual chemical park locations.

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