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Record Year Predicted for Smartphones in Germany

The German market for smartphones is expected to grow bigger than ever, according to calculations made by the country’s digital industry association Bitkom.

The group forecast that German smartphone business will reach EUR 38.9 billion in 2024. That represents an increase of 1.3 percent over 2023.

Bitkom says that growth is being driven by investments in network infrastructure, which will reach EUR 2.4 billion in the coming year, and increasing turnover in mobile telecommunications services.

“Germany has taken big steps forward in expanding its network,” said Bitkom board member Markus Haas in a statement. “And investments in Germany’s mobile-phone infrastructure will continue to grow in 2024.”

Bitkom predicts that sales of mobile phones will increase while the average price will decline slightly. The group also notes that expanded employment of mobile phones is rendering other devices obsolete, with roughly two thirds of users having got rid of their cameras or alarm clocks. 

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