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Markets Germany 2/24 - New Fuels for a New Era

German transportation and transport need to become sustainable, creating huge demand for hydrogen and other alternative fuels.

Cover Markets Germany 2/24 Cover Markets Germany 2/24 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

Combatting climate change is not just about breaking old habits, but coming up with totally new ways of doing things. Innovation and invention will play a huge role in Germany’s transition to clean energy. The same is true, of course, of the fuel we use for transport and transportation — which is the focus of our lead story in this edition of Markets Germany. Clean and sustainable fuels are particularly important for Germany because it’s not only Europe’s automotive powerhouse but also the continent’s central transport and logistics hub. 

Pharmaceuticals and biotech are also key to Germany’s economic future. The German government regards this sector as a central pillar of German industry going forward. A series of legislative reforms is already in place to make it easier for companies that develop and test drugs in Germany — and those efforts are paying off. One of the world’s leading pharma firms, Eli Lilly and Company, is planning to massively expand its activities in Germany — perhaps a sign that the country is ready to resume its historical role as “the world’s pharmacy.”

Finally, we’re very proud that this publication turns 20 this year. So we’re taking the opportunity to look back at two decades of changes and development — both for the magazine and Germany itself. So please enjoy this issue of Markets Germany. We hope it gives you lots of “fuel for thought.”

Markets Germany 2/24 - New Fuels for a New Era

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