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Germany’s healthcare market is the largest in Europe, and the corona pandemic has given it a major boost.

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In difficult times, successful economies do two things: lean into their strengths and correct their shortcomings. The traditionally robust biotech and life sciences sector in Germany is at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. Mainz company BioNTech achieved global fame for helping to develop one of the major Covid-19 vaccines. But other companies are involved in nearly all aspects of the health industry, from production to logistics. As a Roche spokesperson puts it: “Germany was once known as the world’s pharmacy; now we’ve become a scientific factory.”

One key to Germany’s relative success in weathering the storm and recovering from the pandemic is the strength of industry and manufacturing. And there’s still plenty of room for international companies to join the upsurge. One example we look at in this issue is Swedish tissue maker Essity, which expanded its production facility in Mannheim despite corona-related disruption.

At the same time, progress is finally moving full speed ahead in one area formerly considered a German Achilles’ heel: digitalization. The pan- demic has highlighted the need for Germans to join the elite of the digital-first 21st century, and there are lots of opportunities for innovative, international companies to help them do so. You can read in these pages about some firms who have already got started.

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