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Germany Now Has 3 Million Solar PV Systems

Solar output hits new record high of 40,919 megawatts

Berlin (GTAI) - Photovoltaics are continuing their major comeback in Europe’s largest economy. Germany now has more than three million solar power panel systems, according to industry association BSW Solar.

Capacity exceeds 70 gigawatts, and on Saturday, May 27 output in Germany hit a new record high of 40,919 megawatts, as calculated by the European Energy Exchange. The country is currently capable of covering ten percent of its electricity needs with PV.

The BSW says that well over double the number of PV electricity generation units were installed in private homes in the first quarter of 2023 as in the same period last year.

"Under the impact of the energy crisis and as a result of improved framework conditions, the demand for solar technology has risen sharply," BSW executive director Carsten Körnig said in a statement. "Solar energy is booming, especially among private households."

But Körnig added that in order to meet set targets, production of solar electricity needs to rise to 215 gigawatts or thirty percent of Germany’s power mix.

“The transformation to a carbon-neutral energy infrastructure in Germany will bring immense market opportunities for national as well international companies,” says Germany Trade & Invest Director of Energy, Building and Environmental Technologies Thomas Grigoleit. “The time to invest in Germany is now.”

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