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Tender Notice Ethiopia Agriculture and Forestry

Consulting Services, Agricultural Mechanization Leasing Project

Tender Award

  • Country Ethiopia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201468354
  • Subject Increasing Agricultural Productivity through Innovation (Agricultural Mechanization Leasing Project)

Brief description of the contract:

The project aims at the promotion of agricultural mechanization through leasing in form of Hire-Purchase transactions. The purpose of the project is to expedite the import of long-lasting and adequate agricultural machines and implements, to support DBE and the relevant line ministry (Ministry of Agriculture, MoA) by building internal capacities,  procedures, know-how etc., which are required to offer leasing for agricultural machines and implements in a sustainable manner and by organizing awareness / information events for the broader public.

Requested Consultant services:

The program will contain the following five work packages:

Work Package 1:  Project Design: The Implementation Consultant (IC) will contribute to the concretization and finalization of the project design by proposing definitions leading to a framework for the project implementation and by establishing suggestions for the necessary processes at the stakeholders

Work Package 2: Capacity Building for DBE: The IC shall set up a training program in up to four modules for DBE’S staff. The capacity building measures shall lead to increased internal understanding as well as technical know-how of leasing structures and analysis, closure and subsequent administration of leasing projects.

Work Package 3: Information and Awareness Events for Lessees and other Stakeholders: The IC shall plan and organize workshops in an event format in each of the 12 districts. These events shall have an awareness raising character but should also be used to inform and educate players in the agricultural sector.

Work Package 4: Organisation of Exposure Visits: The IC will be tasked to organize up to two suitable exposure visits for selected DBE staff and representatives from MoA aimed at learning best practices in agricultural leasing institutions. Suitable leasing institutions / financial institutions offering equipment leasing products (preferably in the agricultural sector) shall be proposed by the IC.

Work Package 5: General Administrative Support of DBE: The IC shall support DBE in fulfilling several administrative tasks

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