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Tender Notice Bolivia Environmental Technologies

Consulting Services/Complementary Measures, Potable Water and Sewerage Project Sucre IV

Tender Award

  • Country Bolivia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201770171
  • Subject Sucre IV Potable Water and Sewerage Project

Brief description of the Contract:

The objective of the complementary measures is to contribute and, as far as possible, ensure the integral sustainability of the service operator and the infrastructure to be developed within the framework of the Drinking Water and Sewerage Program Sucre IV and the Water Supply Project Sucre III.

Requested Services:  
The key tasks of the consulting services will be accurately described in the terms of reference that prequalified companies will receive. Tasks include, roughly, the following topics:

  • Component 1. Institutional, Organization and Administration Aspects. It includes specific and specialized services that are required by the operator, in the different areas and processes, that have been identified as a priority requirement to guarantee and optimize the adequate provision of services.
  • Component 2. Commercial Aspect, Customer Relationship.  Creation of a “customer service” platform including complaint management mechanism. Improve customer information and develop a strategy to achieve a reduction in Uncounted Water. Total renewal of the company's image. Develop a socialization strategy to achieve the implementation of the new tariff system.
  • Component 3. Aspects of Operation and Maintenance, Work Safety and Development of Work Skills. Improve the protection of workers and implement labor safety statutes. Organize workshops and warehouses for technical inputs. Establish a technical team for agile reaction to nonrecurring events. Personnel training, especially regarding the operation of the new infrastructure built in the Sucre III and Sucre IV projects

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