Tender Notice Costa Rica Waste Water Disposal, Drainage

Consulting Services/Implementation Consultant for a Sanitation Program in Costa Rica

Tender Award

  • Country Costa Rica
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank, EU-Kommission/Europäische Union
  • Reference Number 2020LI-000004-0021400001, 2020LI-000005-0021400001, 2020LI-000006-0021400001
  • Subject Sanitation Programme in Priority Areas

Brief description of the Contract:

Construction of sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in four Costa-Rican Cities

  • Golfito: Activated sludge wastewater treatment plant with nitrogen and chemical phosphorus elimination; population of approx. 7,200 inhabitants; amount of wastewater (incl. infiltration): 28 l/s; main collectors: approx. 9,600 m of sewage pipelines (NW 150-300 mm) plus 9 pumping stations
  • Jacó: UASB reactor plus trickling filter; population of approx. 38,400 inhabitants; amount of wastewater (incl. infiltration): 120 l/s; main collectors: approx. 22,000 m of sewage pipelines (NW 150-600 mm) plus 7 pumping stations
  • Palmares: UASB reactor plus trickling filter plus research complex (different simple treatment technologies); population of approx. 31,600 inhabitants; amount of wastewater (incl. infiltration): 71 l/s; main collectors: approx. 18,000 m of sewage pipelines (NW 150-375 mm) plus 6 pumping stations
  • Quepos: Trickling filter wastewater treatment plant; population of approx. 28,500 inhabitants; amount of wastewater (incl. infiltration): 104 l/s; main collectors: approx. 13,900 sewage pipelines (NW 150-300 mm) plus 8 pumping stations

Consulting Services:

Implementation Consultant:

  • Supporting AyA in the course of the bidding processes for the works (evaluation of submitted tenders, elaboration of evaluation reports etc.).
  • Supervision of the construction works on the four different sites of the Programme.
  • Elaboration of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals for every individual project and of the corresponding O&M plans.
  • Implementation of capacity building workshops for AyA related to the O&M of the systems. 
  • Supporting AyA in the implementation of the Programme.

Further Consulting Services:

  • Training course for AyA staff in design of wastewater treatment plants
  • Development of a plan for connecting the users to the sewage systems to be implemented in the four cities of the Programme

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