Tender Notice Jordan Vocational Education

Consulting, Project Implementation (Fund Management and TVET)

Tender Award

  • Country Jordan
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201966227/BMZ202070381/509965
  • Subject Education Finance for Employment

Project measures: 

The project is to create a revolving facility to provide zero interest loans to talented and motivated youth from low- and middle-income households who want to pursue a TVET education but lack the financial means to do so. The repayments shall be rendered by paying a certain pre-determined portion of the future salaries of the beneficiaries (“income share agreements”, ISA). In addition to the financial support, non-financial services such as career counselling, job matching, provision of soft skills, IT skills and language skills shall be extended to the beneficiaries to enable them to successfully find and keep a formal job. A special focus is put on supporting women.


Brief description of the Contract:

The implementation consultant services are part of the accompanying measures and shall serve to support the newly established “Fund Management Unit” (FMU) within CPF to: 

(1) Design the Fund, e.g. standard operating procedures, guidelines, templates, operational manuals, etc.,

(2) Set-up adequate IT-based fund management systems,

(3) Select cooperation partners such as TVET providers and non-financial service providers and companies,

(4) Compliance checks in finance and procurement as well as advice on credit management. 

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