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Tender Notice Montenegro Building Industry

Rehabilitation of Canals, Hydro Power Plant Perućica

Tender Award

  • Country Montenegro
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number KfW504318
  • Subject Reconstruction and Modernisation of Hydro Power Plant Perućica - Phase II

Brief description of the contract:

The Employer invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for execution of construction works of the rehabilitation of Opačica and Moštanica canals, on Construction Contract basis as per the brief particulars of scope of works mentioned hereinafter

Requested scope of works:

Section A:

Current cross section of Opačica canal is trapezoidal in total length of 4.257,00 m with longitudinal inclination of 0,045%.

All construction works related to the Opačica canal in its full lenght shall cover following

  • Full and partial removal of damaged canal parts and re-concreting of these parts or their sections;
  • Repair of concrete lining that will not be replaced;
  • Canal heightening with construction of clay embankments for the purpose of receiving the discharge of 81.20 m³/s;
  • Repair of expansion joints;
  • Rehabilitation of the existing canal base (drainage);
  • Undertaking of counter-seepage measures for the purpose of preventing or reducing suffosion from the canal foundation (drainage);
  • Construction of an approach ramp from the existing local road to the upstream part of the canal;
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete bridge over the canal for light road vehicles;
  • Construction of siphon culvert (reinforced concrete structure) for drainage waters

Section B:

Total length of Moštanica canal including tunnel part is 3.518,50 m. Current cross section of Moštanica canal part is trapezoidal in total length of 2.553,00 m with longitudinal inclination of 0,079%.

All construction works related to the Moštanica canal shall cover following:

  • Removal of entire concrete lining in the canal stretch of trapezoidal section and re-concreting of the lining in this canal stretch;
  • Removal of entire concrete lining in the transitional canal stretch and concreting of new lining in this stretch, keeping the present canal geometry;
  • Heightening of the existing stretch of the canal of trapezoidal section by constructing a fill (height around 0.7 m) in order to ensure canal discharge capacity of 12 m³/s without overflow into the surrounding area and emplacement of concrete lining on the inner side of the fill;
  • Reconstruction and implementation of drainage system at the canal bottom, which shall be extended by adding lateral drainages along canal slopes and vertical drainage shafts;
  • Implementation of a drainage system for discharge of drained water from the canal into the existing Moštanica riverbed;
  • Replacement of material and compaction of canal subsoil in order to prevent suffosion and replace mud material with poor geotechnical properties, as a medium in which the canal would be founded;
  • Sporadic repair of expansion joints and local repairs of cracks by grouting in the tunnel part of the canal (stretch of closed U-shape section);
  • Construction of 3 watering holes for animals (shafts with the clear opening dimensions 1 m x 1 m and trough 1.15 m x 2.00 m x 0.30 m);
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete pedestrian bridge over the canal.

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