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Tender Notice Ukraine Building Industry

Consulting Services, Rehabilitation and Equipping of Health Infrastructure

Tender Award

  • Country Ukraine
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201567114 - Procurement No 504505; BMZ201567114/KfW504505
  • Subject Promoting Social Infrastructure Development – Improvement of Basic Rural Health - USIF VII

Brief description of the Contract:

The Programme is to be implemented under management of USIF, the designated Employer and Project Executing Agency (PEA): Ukrainian Social Investment Fund, Lukjaniwska Str. 77, 04071 Kyiv, Ukraine. The Programme will focus on rehabilitation and equipping of infrastructure at around 40 Ambulatory Clinics and Health Points. A focus will be the implementation of Energy Efficiency measures and the consideration of ESHS.

Planning, design and implementation of the Programme will be done under the overall management of the PEA, which will be supported by a qualified, independent and international Consultant (with an annual minimum turnover of € 1 mill.)

The Consultant’s duties will, inter alia, comprise of assisting USIF in:

  • planning (improvement of designs; approval of tender documents; support to municipalities during preparation of project documents)
  • the selection of MP proposals
  • the review and approval of final MP designs
  • the review and improvement of specimen tender documents for the construction works & equipment supply. Assistance and supervision of the procurement processes, evaluation of bids
  • conducting contract negotiations
  • construction and site supervision as well as acceptance of construction works (all above: Output 1)
  • the improvement of trainings for all stakeholders in respect of the micro project cycle, the operation and maintenance of energy-efficient buildings, administration of health services, etc. (Output 2)
  • the selection and procurement of medical equipment as per USIF’s ”Operational Manual” (Output 3)
  • etc.

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