Chemical Industry

AllessaChemie GmbH Fechenheim

Site Classification

Key Data

Site Owner
AllessaChemie GmbH
Site Operator
AllessaChemie GmbH
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
43 hectares (106 acres)
Total Free Area
8 hectares (20 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

  • Infrastructure
    AllessaChemie operates the Frankfurt-Fechenheim site. New investors will benefit from the entire infrastructure and comprehensive service offerings, e.g. pilot and scale-up facilities for chemical syntheses from 50 kg to 1 ton. High flexibility through modular system. Own lab for process optimization; Extensive process safety know-how.
  • Raw Materials On-Site
    Direct access to value chain of producers. Infraserv Logistics GmbH provides a great storage plant for hazardous goods.
  • Services/Utilities

    • Mechanical and electrical control and measuring engineering workshops
    • Materials logistics, analytical services
    • Safety management
    • Pollution control
    • Good working relationship with local public authorities
    • IT Services
    • H.R. and H&S management
    • Training/further education centre: We train your staff in line with your needs.
  • R&D

    • Mobile reactors (up to 1 m³)
    • Batch-/Semibatch-processes
    • Lab-scale membrane unit, active surface 50 cm²
    • Pilot-scale membrane unit, active surface 40 m²
    • Suitable for high purity operations

Target Investors

  • Companies that can integrate into local value chain
  • The site is suitable for both industrial production and research companies
  • Startup companies are welcome. We support startups with our know-how, our resources and with non cash benefit
  • Companies that would benefit from comprehensive analytical and R&D support provided on-site

Potential Business Partners

  • AllessaChemie GmbH: Competent partner for fine and specialty chemicals
  • BioSpring GmbH: Chemical company which produces synthetic oligonucleoticles
  • Corium Service GmbH
  • Geohumus International GmbH: Production and distribution of the soil additives Geohumus
  • InfraServ Logistics GmbH: Offers comprehensive service package for hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods
  • INEOS Melamines GmbH: Competent partners in the field of Melamine resins and addditives
  • Marenis Anylytical and Process Technologies GmbH
  • Prolytic: Is a GLP- and GMP certified laboratory for bioanalytics and pharmacokinetics
  • TÜV SÜD Chemie Service GmbH (TCS): A global provider of plant safety-related services, authorized to certify plants

Partners of Site

  • Member of VCI (German Chemical Producers Association)
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