Chemical Industry

Industrial Park Schwedt

Site Classification

Key Data

Site Owner
PCK Raffinerie GmbH
Site Operator
IP Industriepark Schwedt GmbH
& Co. KG
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
250 hectares (618 acres)
Total Free Area
200 hectares (494 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

  • Infrastructure

    • Direct access to refinery infrastructure including fuel storage
    • Pipelines and handling facilities
    • Rail connection with loading facilities on-site, proximity to freeway
    • On-site power generation with connections to regional high voltage power grid
    • Near by harbor on the river Oder (German/ Polish border)
  • Raw Materials On-Site

    • Direct access to value chain of producers on-site (see above)
    • Furthermore access to large grain, straw and wood resources near by in Poland and eastern Germany
  • Services/Utilities

    • Full “Plug & Play” site
    • Expertise for operating large scale engineering projects
  • R&D

    • None

Target Investors

  • Companies that can integrate into the petroleum value chain e.g. biofuels
  • Processes using agricultural raw materials (grain, straw, wood), naphtha, sulfur, polymer propylene as feedstock (up to 200 kt/a), ethanol and those that are energy intensive

Potential Business Partners

Many service companies are located on-site: Logistics, construction, analytics

  • PCK: PCK Raffinerie GmbH is a J.V. between the following mineral oil companies: Ruhr Oel (BP, PdVSA) (37,5%), Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH (37,5%), AET (EN/Total) (25%). PCK refines about 11 M t/a heavy Siberian crude and is European leader in processing costs and margins.
  • Verbio AG: Is the largest biofuel producer. On-site: bio-ethanol and biodiesel (RME)

Partners of Site

  • Potential Business PartnersIn Schwedt: UPM (Paper), Leipa (Paper)

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