Solar water panel heating on a roof. Solar water panel heating on a roof. | © GettyImages/Jose A. Bernat Bacete

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

85 percent of the energy consumed by Germany’s private households is used for heating and hot water. With two thirds of the heating systems in Germany considered inefficient, upgrading old systems is a growing priority. The generous government incentives and tight building codes mean opportunities abound for heat pump manufacturers (air, ground and water-source), solar-thermal, and district heating solution providers. Energy efficiency service providers (eg. hydraulic balancing) will also find an eager market in Germany.

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Fact Sheet: Construction and Green Building in Germany Fact Sheet: Construction and Green Building in Germany | © GTAI

Fact Sheet - Construction and Green Building in Germany

Germany is Europe's leading construction market and home to the continent's largest building stock.

Testimonial - Luc Jacquet, CEO and Founder BOOSTHEAT

Luc Jacquet, CEO and Founder, BOOSTHEAT Luc Jacquet, CEO and Founder, BOOSTHEAT | © BOOSTHEAT/GTAI

"Germany’s long tradition in the heating sector makes the country very attractive for a new actor in the energy ecosystem like BOOSTHEAT. Germany also stands out for its high environmental standards and willingness to implement green energy. For a company like BOOSTHEAT – that has developed the most efficient gas heat pump in the world – the German market represents a great opportunity.” (2019)

Latest GTAI energy efficiency in buildings news

May 2020: Demand For Solar Heating in Germany Rises With Higher Subsidies
April 2020: Heat From Sewage Project To Receive Public Funding
April 2020: German government makes energy efficiency top procurement criterion
April 2020: Waste Heat to Become Primary Source in Dortmund’s District Heat Network
March 2020: Germany Sees Strong Growth in Solar District Heating
March 2020: German Heating Industry Optimistic for 2020
March 2020: Germany Boosts Incentives for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
September 2019: One Third of Germans Have a Smart Home
September 2019: Germany Has Been Funding Renewable Heating For 20 Years
September 2019: Dresden District Heating Project Set Up In Regulatory Sandbox
July 2019: Big Growth Expected for Solar-Thermal in District Heating in Germany
May 2019: Federal Ministries Consult Each Other on Building Energy Act
May 2019: Retrofitting and Smart Heating Solutions receive Energy Efficiency Award
April 2019: EUR 30,000 Energy Efficiency Award open for entries
November 18: EUR 6 Billion for Energy Innovation
November 18: German Energy Consumption Set to Fall Sharply in 2018
November 18: Perpetuum Energy Efficiency Award 2019 open for entries
October 18: One Million Heat Pumps in Germany
August 18: Germany’s ESCO Market Growing Thanks to New Buildings
August 18: Germany’s Successful Heating Optimization Funding Program
July 2018: Innovative Construction Companies Wanted For Serial Retrofits
July 2018: New waste heat atlas for Frankfurt
July 2018: Successful first year for innovative heat networks funding program
June 2018: Year starts with strong growth in construction investment
June 2018: German energy efficiency market expected to grow at average 9.1% p.a.
March 2018: German market for energy services estimated to have reached EUR 9 billion in 2016
March 2018: Record sales of heat pumps
January 2018: New funding program for drain water heat recovery systems (DWHR)
December 2017: Construction starts on major waste heat utilization project in Hamburg
October 2017: More fuel cells in German basements
August 2017: Germany launches funding for innovative pilot heat networks
August 2017: Federal fuel cell incentive program expanded to include commercial buildings
August 2017: Super-efficient housing estate celebrates completion in Bavaria
August 2017: 60 percent of residential buildings completed in Germany in 2016 wholly or partly heated by renewable energy
July 2017: Vattenfall announces Germany’s largest power-to-heat system
July 2017: Germany’s energy efficiency branch growing despite lower energy costs
June 2017: One third of new residential buildings in Germany included a heat pump in 2016
June 2017: New funding strategy for energy efficiency and renewable heating published
April 2017: High demand for renewable heating incentives
March 2017: Heat pump sales in Germany hot in 2016
March 2017: Record KfW energy efficiency funding in 2016

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