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Artifical Intelligence

Heilbronn Seeks to Become Europe’s Biggest AI Ecosystem

A research center and a hot start-up have joined forces to promote excellence in artificial intelligence in southwest Germany.

The Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (Ipai) in Heilbronn has announced a partnership with the highly touted fledgling company Aleph Alpha. The goal is to create a 30-hectare AI research park that will encompass laboratories, a data center and a start-up center.

No figures have been confirmed concerning the amount of money to be invested in the semi-public, semi-commercial project, but they have been described in the nine-figure range. The research park will be partly financed by a private foundation, the Dieter-Schwarz-Stiftung. The regional state of Baden-Württemberg, where Heilbronn is located, will also chip in EUR 50 million.

The park will focus on digitalization of production, logistics and trade as well as public administration applications. Aleph Alpha was founded four years ago and is one of Europe’s best-known AI start-ups, having developed the language application Luminous, an alternative to ChatGPT.

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