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Chemical Industry

Chemical Park Rudolstadt-Schwarza

Site Classification

Key Data

Site Owner
Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft (LEG) Thüringen mbH
Site Operator
Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft (LEG) Thüringen mbH
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
108.4 hectares (267.9 acres)
Total Free Area
15 hectares (37 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

Over the past years, the Rudolstadt Chemical Park has grown into a modern industrial site including an excellently developed technical infrastructure. Currently, about 41 companies with a total of approx. 1,300 employees are based there, including BASF Performance Polymers, paper factory Adolf Jass as well as STFG Filamente GmbH. Thanks to the TITK – the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research – the industrial park has developed into a competence center for renewable resources, functional polymers and fibers. During the world exhibition “EXPO 2000”, the site development was presented as a global project devoted to the theme “Structural transformation powered by innovative resources from renewable and polymer raw materials”.

The transformation from an old chemical park into a green commercial and industrial site started July 1st, 1994. At that day, the State Development Corporation of Thuringia took over a wide range of industrial areas with a total size of more than 108 ha on behalf of the Free State of Thuringia. Performing an integrated site development, contaminated sites were removed, a modern supply and disposal infrastructure was established, traffic infrastructures were renewed and extended, existing buildings were preserved and modernized whenever possible, a variety of important players were brought together, new investors were acquired and a stronger networking between industry and the scientific community has been initiated since then.

  • Infrastructure

    • South of Rudolstadt including good transport connections
    • Highway access: A71: 30 km, A4: 35 km and A9: 45 km
    • Federal Road: B85/B88 direct access
    • Rail access: available
    • Airport access: Erfurt-Weimar 55 km, Leipzig/Halle 140 km

The Rudolstadt-Schwarza Chemical park is located right in the middle of the city triangle “Saalebogen” including the cities of Saalfeld, Rudolstadt and Bad Blankenburg. The river Saale borders the area towards the east and south and the railroad Berlin-Munich towards the west. The distance to the state capital Erfurt amounts to about 50 km and to Jena about 45 km. The trans-regional transportation network can be reached via the federal road B85/88. Highway number A 71 (Sömmerda-Schweinfurt) is about 32 km away. Junctions to highway number A 4 (Frankfurt-Dresden) and A 9 (Munich-Berlin) are 40 and 44 km away. The industrial park also has its own rail siding. Freight transportation with a connection to Deutsche Bahn AG is checked through directly via railway tracks.

The station of the regional railway Rudolstadt-Schwarza with connections to Saalfeld and Jena is being located right next to the site. Furthermore, there are various regional bus services available. Access to the express trains (ICE) from Berlin to Munich and vice versa is being guaranteed through the interchange station in Erfurt.

The airport Erfurt-Weimar can be reached within 55 km; the airport Halle-Leipzig is about 130 km away.

  • Development: fully available
  • Total gross area: 108.4 ha
  • Total net area: 90.2 ha
  • Companies: 41
  • Jobs: approx. 1,287

  • Raw Materials On-Site

    • supply of heat, cooling, technical gases, compressed air, service water, low and medium
    • voltage, nitrogen
  • R&D

    • well established industrial and research cooperation
    • training and further education opportunities
    • innovation and start-up center (IGZ)
    • modern infrastructure
    • well structured services
  • Research facilities

    • Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK)
    • Polymerengineering (PE)

Potential Business Partners

  • BASF Performance Polymers GmbH
  • Papierfabrik Adolf Jass Schwarza GmbH
  • Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK)
  • STFG Filamente GmbH
  • Isowood GmbH
  • BinNova Microfiltration GmbH
  • Granula Deutschland GmbH
  • EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH
  • smartpolymer GmbH
  • EMS Energy and media supply Schwarza
  • Talga Advanced Materials GmbH
  • Sectors nearby

    • Chemical Industry with special focus on fibers and polymer chemistry
    • Metal processing
    • Paper production
    • R & D
  • Services/Utilities

    Schwarza chemical site is a modern environmentally friendly industrial location including construction areas as well as leased properties. Arising synergy effects between companies are being used to a large extend.
    All plots are fully developed. A wide range of technical infrastructure is being made available.

    • good supply and disposal conditions for all technical media on fully developed industrial areas
    • power plant
    • industrial sewage treatment plant
    • service structure
    • R & D facilities

Target Investors

  • Companies with special focus on fibers and polymer chemistry, on metal processing or on paper production
  • nnovative production companies preferably aiming to produce chemicals, synthetic fibres or polymers
  • Innovative companies with ambitious expansion plans from these industries
  • Companies that can be integrated into local value chain.

Partners of Site

  • State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen)
  • Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK)
  • Polymerengineering (PE)
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