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Chemical Industry

GreenTech Park FLUXUM Gernsheim

Site Classification

Key Data

Site Owner
Merck KGaA
Site Operator
Merck Site Management GmbH
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
94,8 hectares (234 acres)
Total Free Area
26 hectares (64 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
approx. 750
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

  • Infrastructure

    The GreenTech Park FLUXUM Gernsheim is located in the middle of the strong Rhine-Main-Neckar region with a high density of know-how in GreenTech, a dynamic environment of universities and with access to qualified employees in innovative companies.

    The transportation possibilities from site are:

    • 30 min to Frankfurt Airport (motorway)
    • 10 min to motorway
    • Rail connection on-site
    • River container port and harbor on Rhine next to site.
    • There are 26 hectares of immediately constructible property available at the GreenTech Park FLUXUM with the great advantage of being approved as industrial site according to BImSchG/StörfallVO. The plots are be embedded in a lean, fit-for-purpose infrastructure.
  • Raw Materials On-Site

  • Services/Utilities

    FLUXUM Gernsheim offers comprehensive utilities, infrastructure and a service portfolio, provided by the site operator and other specialized service providers.
  • The range of services includes:

    • Energy and media supply: e. g., energy, steam, hydrogen, nitrogen, cooling water
    • Wastewater treatment and waste management
    • Safety and security services (incl. emergency response)
    • Maintenance services and facility management
    • Analytical services
    • Logistics and materials, incl. workshops and warehousing
    • Environmental and health services
  • R&D

    The GreenTech Park FLUXUM Gernsheim offers some laboratories for renting. The Rhine-Main-Neckar Region is a strong region with know-how in GreenTech, which provides access to qualified employees, an environment with extensive experience and network, and connectivity to universities and politics in the region.

Target Investors

We are particularly attractive for start-ups, grown-ups and companies (SME and corporates) with a GreenTech/ CleanTech focus. We also are pleased to welcome investors, financiers, and operating companies which support our GreenTech ecosystem.

Potential Business Partners

  • Merck Site Management GmbH (MSM): MSM is the site operator and central service provider at the site for the users/ tenants
  • Merck Real Estate GmbH (MRE): Holds land and general infrastructure; leases parcels to project developers/ investors
  • Merck Surface Solutions GmbH: Production, mixing and packaging as well as the distribution of chemical and biotechnical products, in particular pigments, cosmetic substances and functional materials

Partners of Site

  • VCI
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