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Tender Notice Egypt Energy Efficiency

Consulting Services, Energy Efficiency – Accompanying Measures

Tender Award

  • Country Egypt
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201070192/KfW505977
  • Subject Energy Efficiency – Accompanying Measures

Brief description of the Contract:

Energy efficiency (EE) has already been introduced as a major pillar in the country’s strategy for the sector. The need to reduce consumption with appertaining cost effects is part of the country’s plan to consolidate the energy market, whilst prices are in parallel being increased due to reduction of subsidies.

The project forms an integral part of the Egyptian-German cooperation in the field of energy efficiency. By supporting Egypt’s efforts to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency, the project is designed to demonstrate the feasibility through installation of EE-measures in the public sector (Universities).

Requested Consulting Services:

  • The mission of this assignment is to assist, consult and accompany the SCU throughout the implementation of the Program. In the context of an internationally designed program with parties such as SCU, KFW, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Ministry of Higher Education, the coordination and efficient implementation is key to a successful result of the intended goals of the program.

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