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Tender Notice Bolivia Water Supply, Irrigation

Consulting Services, Implementation of a Water Supply and Sewage Program (Santa Cruz)

Tender Award

  • Country Bolivia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number Phase I: BMZ2009.6558.2; Phase II: BMZ2013.6723.4; Phase III: BMZ2017.6501.5 und BMZ2018.6881.9; Phase IV: BMZ2018.6881.9; KFW/505392; LPI 0001/2020
  • Subject Programa Agua Potable y Alcantarillado en Áreas Periurbanas (Fases I-IV)

Brief description of the Program:

The Program is under the scope of both the Sectoral Plan for Basic Sanitation in Urban Areas in settlements above 10.000 inhabitants and the guidelines and goals of the National Strategy for Wastewater Treatment. The Program foresees investments in water supply and wastewater infrastructure in the municipality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The expected overall outcome is in the improvement of the health, environmental and life conditions of the population in the area.

The Program’s objective is to increase the access to sustainable water supply and wastewater services to the population in the peri-urban areas in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, specifically with the construction for service provider SAGUAPAC of WWTP Motacusal, its principle collectors, interceptors and outfall, as well as the improvement of WWTP Este with the construction of its outfall, as well with the construction of water supply works for service providers COSCHAL and COSPAIL.

Brief description of the Contract:

supporting GAMSC in:

1) Elaboration of final designs and tender documents for the Program’s works,

2) supporting bidding processes, and

3) supervision of works.

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