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Tender Notice Peru Water Supply, Irrigation

Consulting Services, Water Supply/Water Loss Reduction

Tender Award

  • Country Peru
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201667047/30200388
  • Subject Programa de Reduccion de Perdidas de Agua II

Brief description of the Contract:

The Water Loss Reduction Program II, is designed to assist and strengthen Companies supplying Water and Sanitation Services (EPS) in their capacity to adapt to climate change, improving the management of water resources through reduction and control of water losses. The EPS of SEDALIB (Drinking Water and Wastewater Service Company of La Libertad, S.A), is an entity that provides its services in the towns of Trujillo Metropolitano, Chepén, Puerto Malabrigo, Paiján, Moche, Chocope and Pacanguilla, and it has been selected as a participant. At the same time, the consulting services for the project Improvement of the Drinking Water Service in Cities of Provinces of Peru are also tendered. For this project, EPS SEDA HUANUCO SA, an entity that provides its services in the towns of Huánuco, Amarilis, Tingo María and Aucayacu, has been considered suitable. This project is funded by SECO funds (executed through the KfW) and the MVCS. The main objective of the Water Loss Reduction Program II is to contribute to the sustainable supply of the population of the program area with potable water, taking into account the intensification of the scarcity of water resources due to climate change, as well as the circumstances and special requirements of the EPS involved The expected duration of the required services is estimated at 48 months

Requested Services: The key tasks of the consulting services will be accurately described in the terms of reference that prequalified companies will receive. Tasks include, roughly, the following topics:

  • Sectorization measures within the city of Trujillo. Measures will be implemented to sectorize and isolate the following 4 sectors: Parque Industrial, San Andres, California, El Golf and Rázuri.
  • Macro-sectorization actions in Trujillo  Expansion of distribution networks in several sectors with the purpose of better delimiting existing distribution sectors.  Installation of control stations (valves and macro-flowmeters)
  • Alto Trujillo social project:  Sectorization measures in accordance with the sectorization measures in the 4 intervention sectors indicated above  Regularization of users (clandestine title)  Social support including the active involvement of the population and relevant groups, and measures of health education and awareness
  • Establish a concept of Non-Billed Water e) Infrastructure measures:  Impulsion, construction / rehabilitation reservoirs, new battery of wells in the sectors Santa Rosa, Barraza and Santo Domingo, etc.
  • Flowmeter management.
  • Preparation of a SCADA concept
  • Aquarating analysis 
  • Integrity and change management  Conduct an analysis of deficiencies, risks for business and labor integrity related to the Non-Billed topic  Making improvements / measures related to integrity management including change management.


  • Specific measures in components of the existing water infrastructure.
  • General interventions in water infrastructure and service quality. The following measures are included:  Establishment of an integrated technical and commercial cadastre.  Supply of equipment for the operational, commercial and institutional image office. Installation of macro-flowmeters, deduction and loss reduction.  Detection of clandestine connections.  Installation of micro-flowmeters.  Automation of reading and improvement of collection management.  Renovation of drinking water networks  Improvement and remodelation of pumping stations for drinking water.
  • Other measures:  Develop studies for the implementation of a system for the protection of the river basin, including, where appropriate, payment for environmental services based on the water rate.  Strengthening measures similar to the measures described for the project in Trujillo.

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