Tender Notice Zambia Hydroelectricity

Consulting Services, Rehabilitation/Construction of Hydropower Plant (Project Implementation)

Tender Award

  • Country Zambia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201467752/KfW506192; Tender Number: ZESCO/109/2020
  • Subject Rehabilitation and Extension of the Chishimba Falls Hydro Power Station (HPS)

Brief description of the Contract:

The existing Chishimba Falls Hydropower Plant, with its initial construction in 1959, is at the end of its lifetime. The project of rehabilitation and uprating consists mainly of retirement of station A and turning the same to a museum, complete rehabilitation of station B installations as further stated below with new E&M Equipment and rehabilitated and adopted civil structures of the B waterway and an enlargement of the entire facility with a brand new station C of approx 10+5 MW in in the immediate vicinity to the existing power stations A+B, housing the new Turbine/Generator for B.

Requested Services:

The requested services of the Consultant who is to act in the capacity of the Owner’s Engineer shall comprise all relevant professional activities for the preparation and supervision of the implementation of the project:

  • review and update of existing Bidding Documents for two (2) lots (civil works & equipment) and adaption to the new KfW Standard Bidding Documents (currently based on the FIDIC Yellow Book) in consultation with ZESCO procurement until approvals and no-objections are obtained. The adaption of the Contract Condition to another FIDIC Book may be decided at a later Stage.
  • support in the entire procurement process through ZESCO,
  • pro-active project- and contract management for works, goods and services, supervision of engineering, procurement and construction of Power Plant and associated works on a continuous manner
  • financial cost control and project audits during the implementation as well as statutory reports
  • update of ESIA and preparation of complementary ESIA gap-closing documentation including field work for gap closure and including preparation of a comprehensive ESMP covering all project phases and, at a later stage, supervision of the adherence to environmental and social safeguards principles in accordance with the requirements of KfW’s Sustainability Guideline and therewith International Environmental and Social Safeguards, such as), WB ESSs, World Bank Group’s Environmental and Health (EHS) and Safety Guidelines including : General EHS Guidelines, EHS Guidelines on Electric Power Transmission and Distribution , ILO Core Labour Standards and any other of the Industry Sector EHS Guidelines as applicable. Adherence will be tracked e.g. by approving the Contractor’s Construction ESMP, by supervision of diligent implementation of Construction ESMP, by advising the PEA regarding diligent implementation of PEA responsibilities under the ESMP.
  • through ZESCO, maintain contacts and provide project status information to external stakeholders such as the Heritage Conservation Commission or Ministry in charge for Tourism.

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